Types of Home Security Camera you should be aware of and how to choose the correct one

Security Camera for video surveillance is something that is mandatory to have to protect your property. Please read the article below to know more about differences and features of security cameras.

There is a wide range of home security systems, including surveillance cameras available online. So how would you choose one that really meets your needs and is a good quality product with competitive price?

In this article I am going to make some main characteristics you should be aware of when making your purchase. We will cover the features for indoors and outdoors home security camera, infrared function, remote control, wired and wireless, possibility to remote monitoring using your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Indoor and outdoor security camera

These are two big clusters of home, office or warehouse video surveillance systems. Home indoor security camera is also called „dome camera“. You may choose one if you need video surveillance inside your premises if you are at home or you want to have camera in the office, as example. The choice is either have a fixed view camera with narrow angle or to have a 360 degree lens camera which will not focus into one area but will have overview with wide monitoring angle.

With indoors security camera most likely you will not need to worry about the temperature conditions which your would have with outdoor camera, also the power supply probably would not have big role in choosing such camera as well.

If you need outdoor security camera please keep always in mind some extreme weather conditions in your location, either very hot or very cold, or both. Rain and snow may have impact in the visibility as well, so I would recommend to choose a camera that is coated with additional layer of material which protects from water. Alternatively, you may install it under the roof to protect it more. Infrared night vision and motion detection function is extremely useful here, so you will be able to have a better quality of video and better protection.

Please check also if the camera you are going to purchase have a function to send an alert to your smart phone or other device when an a movement is detected. This function will allow you to have a calm sleep at night or to check the alert only when the motion is detected – no need to watch video all the time if you are away. You will be alerted if something is going on in the surveillance area.

Wireless cameras

I am sure you would choose a wireless camera instead of choosing with with a cable. Probably you would not like to drill a hole in your wall at home or maybe you even do not have such possibility. Even if you would have this option, not everyone would want to have many meters or wires visible for everyone inside your home premises.. Wireless camera is the right choice for you! You can find wireless cameras with both indoor and outdoor camera, actually most of these cameras are wireless in nowadays.

An additional way of energy source could be solar panel equipped together with your camera. If your camera has energy saving function, it is using extremely low amount of electricity and solar light is sufficient to charge the batteries inside. Fully charged batteries will serve you for many months ahead.

Cameras integrated into single security system

This may be used when you need to monitor a large area, either inside premises or outside or it. This would need to be specially made for you, preferable by a specialist with relevant technical skills. Multiple cameras would transmit video to multiple monitors for security surveillance. Here, a simple recording probably would not be an option and you would need to integrate all your cameras with DVD recorder. Such a more sophisticated system gives you a possibility to record all video material and play it back if needed. As example you may want to have a monitoring of of public places, shopping centers, warehouse premises, car parking, etc.

Here we shortly described what you may need to know, however there are many other features of security cameras which would be good to know before making your purchase. I will describe this in a series of upcoming articles in my blog. I hope you have enjoyed the reading and do not forget to visit our news on Facebook or Twitter.

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